Victorian bush-fire book donation
South Australians collecting books for victims of the Victorian bush fires

Willunga filled half the trailer on Saturday

Yesterday, on the day the song “Age of Aquarius” came to life, we were blown away by the generosity of people in Willunga and surrounds. We got up 6am and parked the trailer in front of the Willunga Library, opposite the Green Room. We just left the back of the trailer open all day and Sue and Doug of the Green Room kindly kept an eye on it and helped in organising the load. In the mean time Petra and Edwin distributed the last posters in Willunga and thanks to all who put up this poster.

At the end of the day the trailer looked like this:

Saturday collection in Willunga

Saturday collection in Willunga

After that we drove back to our home and unloaded all boxes into our workshop. You probably remember the first load we placed there, have a look now:

Workshop after Saturday's collection

Workshop after Saturday's collection

This morning Edwin will park the trailer in McLaren Vale in front of The Singing Gallery, inside there will also be a donation box and Edwin selling Eckhart Tolle’s books. Please visit this very uplifting space today!

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