Victorian bush-fire book donation
South Australians collecting books for victims of the Victorian bush fires

finished sorting Monday

We all finished sorting the books for today and nearly done all the boxes, so a little has to be done tomorrow, which Petra and Rebecca will do. This was an awsome day again, soooooooo many good quality books we have seen and many boxes with children books. Our very rough estimate is that we have at least 7,000 books, but maybe already more than 10,000 donated books!!!

With still 4 to 5 days to go with collecting we might even have as many as 15,000 book before we leave on our journey. Saturday must be the last day we can collect books from the drop-off locations, because we need a bit of time to sort these gifts out and get them ready for transport. We hope to be able to send most of the packed boxes on pallettes this week, so they will be ready for us to pick-up in Melbourne next week.

Thanks again, Alex and Mark Gaston, Rebecca Gould for being such a good help today, love you!

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