Victorian bush-fire book donation
South Australians collecting books for victims of the Victorian bush fires

plans for next week in Victoria

You probably have the same question as we had; how are we going to distribute the books in Victoria?

The idea is simple, we are completely self-sufficient, have our own tent, solar panels, food and good spirit with us. We probably can spent one day at each temporary camp where the home-less people are and give away as many books as people like to take, so they will have something to read while they deal with their loss and grief. Most of the books will be shipped by truck to a warehouse, so we will ferry between the warehouse and potential drop-off locations. We also would like to donate the book “A New Earth” to everyone of the support and emergency relief personel who is interested to take a copy home. As how this idea has started, we will be totally guided by the Universe and we continue to live in the Now. We are very sure we will get as much help there as we will need. We are very grateful.

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