Victorian bush-fire book donation
South Australians collecting books for victims of the Victorian bush fires

sorting books not finished yet

The influx of books has been really overwhelming today. Edwin finished picking up all drop off boxes and got another trailer load brought in to sort out. We should mention the great help of Sue and Doug of the Green Room in Willunga for collecting so many boxes full of books. Petra and Alex have been working very hard today and filled 17 large boxes, for another 3 pallets. We will have a total of six or seven pallets full of boxes with books. We have no idea how many books that will be but a very rough estimate is between 15,000 and 20,000 books; many children’s books, few large (and very heavy) boxes with magazines and many many adult books. Plenty for everyone and a very diverse range of books.

Saturday late afternoon sorting by Alex

Saturday late afternoon sorting by Alex

Thanks everyone who donated books, it has been amazing!

We will continue and finish all sorting tomorrow and will organise the pallets as well tomorrow. The remaining boxes will be loaded in the trailer for us to take to Victoria. We will be travelling all day Monday and make camp somewhere outside Melbourne. Tuesday morning we hope to be able to pickup some of the new books from Brumby’s warehouse and then travel to the South East where we will distribute the first load of books.

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  1. Wow cute packing staff!!!

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