Victorian bush-fire book donation
South Australians collecting books for victims of the Victorian bush fires

arrived in Victoria – Lilydale

It was a long journey to get to Brumby Books warehouse in Kilsyth, it took us 1 and half day. We spent the Monday night in Halls Gap, the Kookaburra motel, where John provided us with a nice room for half the rate. Thanks. We had so much head wind that in some places we only could go 70 km/h.

Yesterday afternoon we arrived in Kilsyth and loaded half of our Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” books. The cover is now purple and it shows they already sold more than 6 million copies. Monday afternoon we got the message from Fred that all our 6 pallets have left McLaren Vale. We hope they will arrive Wednesday in Kilsyth. We have currently a little more then half the trailer filled with books, so we better get going.

That afternoon we were a little lost, we called the Warragul council again and they were going to call us back again. Nothing yet, so we thought we go to the closest relief centre in Narre Warren, when we arrived there these centres were closed already. We decided to go back through the country side and ended up in the Post office of Upper Beaconsfield. The man behind the counter was very helpful and he pointed us to Lilydale, where he knew there is a relief centre still in operation. Following our GPS we went past an ongoing fire near Lysterfield and ended up before the pub in Lilydale. While we enjoyed a quick meal,  someone we met 2 weeks ago in McLaren Vale put a nice note under our windscreen-wiper, they live in Belgrave and invited us to visit them. What is the chance of that happening!

We asked the nice waitress in the pub where the relief centre was and she said on the oval, just behind the pub. Awesome, we drove on to the camp to find only two friendly army personel and many empty tents. All people left already, but the camp will be left there for Thursday and Friday when very warm and dangerous weather is expected. There are many horses in the back of the camp and they said we could go there and ask if we could stay.

So we did, we found very nice people camping down and looking after many of their own horses. We put our tent up and had a wonderful night and learned so much about the environment and fires. It seems we’re back on track again! This is where we stayed:

Horse camp at Lilydale relief center

Horse camp at Lilydale relief center

This morning we had small breakfast in the camp and we were just about to leave for Yarra Glen relief center, that Michela returned from bringing their kids to school and said: Listen to the radio, John was talking to David, a teacher of the Kinglake Primary school. This school has been burned down completely and they might like some books. So Edwin called John on the ABC radio and in minutes got through and chatted briefly about our journey and that we would like to talk to David. Still in Lilydale we updated the blog and then we leave for Yarra Glen, where we hope to be able to donate some of the books we have with us.

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