Victorian bush-fire book donation
South Australians collecting books for victims of the Victorian bush fires

last pallet in Alexandra

Yesterday after we updated this website with the pictures we drove for the last time to the Brumby Books warehouse. Before we left we got a phone call from Fay, who is an organiser in the Healesville relief center. We went Wednesday to this center and she said they were about to relocated the center, so could not accept more donations. She asked us to go to Alexandra and donate the children books to the Marysville Primary school, to a good friend of her who is involved in that school. That is funny we already thought of going Alexandra! The storage manager, Graydon, came from home to open the warehouse and we quickly loaded the last pallet of books into the trailer. Thanks heaps, Graydon and Brumby Books for your help!

We have a good feeling about the name Alexandra (Petra’s daughter has the same name), so we headed of toward Yea, had a beautiful lunch there and then drove to Alexandra. A lot of activity in this place, police and firetrucks everywhere. We stopped before a bookshop in the Main street and two nice people walked passed. Petra asked them where the relief center is and they directly offered to guide us. These two lovely people are both active in the CFA and brought us to the goods relief center. This very well organised center was also “full”, but after a few minutes and explaining that some boxes can go to the Marysville Primary school, we could put all the boxes on a pallet. The volunteer Kelly, who is from Canada, the country where Eckhart Tolle lives, even gave us a big role of glad wrap to protect the pallet! Very nice. Some other people in that center explained kindly to us the extent of the fires and the massive operation going on. We saw Elvis landing and quickly leave again.¬†Later we went to the cricket ground, what has been converted into a helicopter base.

Carr and Edwin near helicopters in Alexandra

Carr and Edwin near helicopters in Alexandra

We also went to the CFA and Staging Center for the firefighters and gave them a box of “A New Earth”. We are very happy all went so well and all books have found a good location.

We drove back 100 kms to Yarra Glen, where Petra saw a tree fallen apart after the fires:

Tree near Yarra Glen

Tree near Yarra Glen

We continued to Beaconsfield and stayed with Petra’s family, had a lovely night and a very nice bed. Now we have to head back to South Australia. When we are back home we will post some more photos in a seperate page.

Every body who helped us: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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