Victorian bush-fire book donation
South Australians collecting books for victims of the Victorian bush fires

picture gallery added

We just added a gallery of all pictures we took during our journey (see pages menu on right). There is no description of each picture, but they are in date/time sequence. The first few are made during the first 2 weeks of preparation and book collection/re-packing.

The journey from Willunga, South Australia, to Victoria started Monday 23/03/2009. We drove to Halls Gap in the Grampions where we stayed in the Kookaburra Motel. Tuesday we continued the trip to Kilsyth, Brumby Books warehouse, where we picked up around 500 “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle books and that night we stayed on the relief site in Lilydale. Wednesday morning we drove to Yarra Glen, to deliver the books we had in the trailer from SA. We went to Healesville and on the way we stopped to update this website next to a burnt area (nice horse looking at us). The relief centre was in transit and could not accept any books. Near the evening we got the message that the 6 pallets of between 30 and 40 thousand books had arrived at Brumby warehouse. That night we stayed with an IT colleague in Healesville.

Thursday morning we left early to Brumby warehouse to collect the first pallet of books and drove all the way to Whittlesea and delivered the entire trailer load to the relief centre there. The same day we drove to Brumby warehouse again to collect the second pallet (+ some more) of boxes and arrived back in Whittlesea just before 5pm. We delivered one pallet of books into the new relief centre area behind the oval and spent the night on the oval next to the firefighters and homeless people of Kinglake area.

Next morning, Friday, we delivered a box of “A New Earth” to the firefighters canteen and, because the police refused us access to Kinglake, we delivered the remaining boxes of books in the relief centre in Whittlesea. We drove back to Brumby warehouse to load the as much as we could in the trailer (nearly 2 pallets) and drove to Yarra Glen. There we met beautiful Shannon, who escorted us all the way to Kinglake. Our car struggled at times to get up the hill with this heavy load, but we made it to the centre of Kinglake. The relief centre there could accept most of the boxes with books and we drove further to Kinglake West to see if that centre could accept books. They couldn’t and we drove back to Kinglake where we delivered most of the boxes and left a few for Yarra Glen. We took a full load of other goods from Kinglake back to Yarra Glen. That night we stayed in the Grand Hotel in Yarra Glen.

Saturday we went back to Brumby warehouse to collect the last pallet of books and drove all the way via Yarra Glen, Yea to Alexandra. We delivered all the boxes and labelled some to go to the Marysville Primary school. Also we gave a box of “A New Earth” to the firefighters. That night we stayed with family in Beaconsfield and Sunday we drove to Halls Gap and stayed in the same Motel. Monday night we arrived back home in Willunga, South Australia, a very inspiring story richer.

Next weekend we will attend a retreat session with Eckhart Tolle, who we will meet for the first time. We are very much looking forward to this event and we let you know how it was after next weekend.

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