Victorian bush-fire book donation
South Australians collecting books for victims of the Victorian bush fires

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pride of Australia medal nomination


This week was a special one again. Wednesday we got a call from a reporter from the Advertiser newspaper, that we have been nominated for a pride of Australia medal 2009. We pointed the reporter to this website and answered his questions. One hour later there was a photographer in our house to take around […]

picture gallery added


We just added a gallery of all pictures we took during our journey (see pages menu on right). There is no description of each picture, but they are in date/time sequence. The first few are made during the first 2 weeks of preparation and book collection/re-packing. The journey from Willunga, South Australia, to Victoria started […]

back home


We came back home in Willunga, South Australia, on Monday night (2 March 2009). Our trip back took 2 days again and we stayed overnight in Hall’s Gap, the Kookaburra motel, again. John of the motel was very kind and let us stay for free, thank you John! The trip back was very uneventful and that […]

last pallet in Alexandra


Yesterday after we updated this website with the pictures we drove for the last time to the Brumby Books warehouse. Before we left we got a phone call from Fay, who is an organiser in the Healesville relief center. We went Wednesday to this center and she said they were about to relocated the center, […]

best day of the journey


Today, Friday, was by far the most impressive and best flowing day of our journey so far. This morning we had a chat with a man who lost his house and his daughter also lost her house, we were so happy he accepted 3 copies of “A New Earth”. We are still on the showgrounds in […]

thursday update


Last night we stayed with friends in Healesville. We checked the goods relief center first, but they have to move this weekend and could not accept books now. Early today we filled the entire trailer and headed to Whittlesea, near Kinglake. The relief operation here is huge and people were happy to accept the entire […]

visit to Yarra Glen


We just visited the small town of Yarra Glen. The friendly people of the relief center pointed us to the old IGA building where goods relief is organised. We were given a warm welcome by the staff of the center. What we noticed straight away is how well this center is organised. The manager, Peter, […]

arrived in Victoria – Lilydale


It was a long journey to get to Brumby Books warehouse in Kilsyth, it took us 1 and half day. We spent the Monday night in Halls Gap, the Kookaburra motel, where John provided us with a nice room for half the rate. Thanks. We had so much head wind that in some places we […]

books done, ready to go!


It was a long day and we did all we wanted to accomplish today. With the help of Alex and Mark, we have repacked all remaining books into bigger boxes, which are ideal for the pallets. Two trips to Dogridge and with the help of Fred we now have filled six (yes 6) pallets to the […]

sorting books not finished yet


The influx of books has been really overwhelming today. Edwin finished picking up all drop off boxes and got another trailer load brought in to sort out. We should mention the great help of Sue and Doug of the Green Room in Willunga for collecting so many boxes full of books. Petra and Alex have […]